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Decoding the Science Behind Property Marketing on TikTok

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3 Reasons Why TikTok Marketing Ticks All the Boxes as An Effective Medium for Property “Edu-tainment”

Featuring Ben and Glynis, Founders of Property Science

TikTok is the new kid on the social media block.

While platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Google are common avenues for property marketing, TikTok has largely been ignored by most property consultants… for now.

That’s one reason why we seized the opportunity to leverage on this light-hearted channel, by combining a somewhat serious topic like property education, with comedic videos meant to induce laughter aplenty!

Have a quick look at our latest property “edu-tainment” video:

tiktok property marketing-property-science

Pretty edu-taining, right?

Here are 3 reasons why our unique approach to TikTok marketing is making waves in the property industry:

1 - First Mover Advantage

TikTok is a medium not many other property consultants are using.

Which is why we chose it as our preferred social media marketing channel!

Reason being, we want to gain first mover advantage.

In the years to come, TikTok is likely to be a popular medium for property education.

Before that happens, we want to start early, establish our roots, and dominate this space while it’s flying under the radar.

BTW, even though our videos are hosted on TikTok, we also promote them on more established online platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

By utilizing this multi-channel approach, we can expand our online influence and reach home owners easily.

At the same time, we are laying the foundations for the next wave of social media platforms.

This strategy allows us to benefit both short and long term. Truly the best of both worlds!

2 - The LOL Factor

Ben wig-property-science-singapore-real-estate-consultants-agents

Have you ever seen a property video online?

If yes, chances are that you’ll find most of them bland, boring and brazen.

This is why we decided on TikTok; which allows us to inject a much-needed dose of the “LOL Factor” into a traditionally dry subject.

Let’s face it…

Would you rather spend 1-2 minutes watching a typical, overly serious property video?

Or one with a creative, LOL worthy approach meant to pop and grab attention on your newsfeed?

The answer is obvious!

3 - Evolved Consumer Behavior

Over the years, consumer behavior has evolved with regards to learning.

The traditional “textbook” style does not work as well anymore.

Bite-sized, funny videos which still manage to retain an educational element are the way forward.

As mentioned above, this is what we call “edu-tainment”.

Whether is it to bring awareness to an important property concept, or to showcase a beautiful home for sale, our videos are meant to align with how people consume content today.

We match that with top-notch service to our clients, with the aim of helping them fulfil all their property-related needs.

Talk to us and see for yourself!

Have Any Property-Related Needs?

If the answer is yes, do check out our TikTok channel for more edu-taining videos on property strategies, concepts and info.

If you prefer more customized advice, based on your current situation and finances, let us help you make the best property decision possible.

Fill in your details below, and we’ll contact you ASAP.

Talk soon!

Knowledge is zero cost, but not taking action may cost you more than you know.

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