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Wondering how the process of selling your property works?

Uncertain about what happens the moment you contact us?

It can be quite unnerving to approach a total stranger to talk about something close to your heart but…..

Fret not!

Let us explain how Property Science works!

1. Let's Chat!

How much is my property worth?”

“How will you sell my property?”

These may be some questions in your mind when you contact us. When you get in touch, ideally, we are able to fix a date to meet you and the other co-owners of the property. All we need is the property’s address, and whether it’s tenanted or owner-occupied.

“What if I am too busy to meet? Can we just talk on the phone?”

Of course, we can definitely have a conversation about your questions about how we operate or other general questions related to property. However, what we cannot answer on the phone, is how much your property can fetch.

Without seeing your property, there is no way we can tell what the ideal price is. Depending on the condition, facing, renovation, level etc, valuations can vary greatly even within the same development. For landed properties, this variation is even greater, so it is necessary to assess on-site.

2. The Meet-up

We may or may not necessarily take photos or videos on the initial contact. Usually we would request for a tour of your property first, as this will allow us to see the selling points of the property through your eyes.

As experienced agents, we are able to see from both sides of the fence. We are able to tell how buyers (your customer) will likely respond; how he thinks, how he assesses and how he will behave. Hence, we would seek your permission to be very objective and transparent in our assessment of your property.

We can then have an open discussion about the merits and the weaknesses of your property in order to come up with a game plan.

Being professionals, we seek to understand why you would like to sell your property. This is a very important conversation. Sometimes, after we hear your side of the story, and do your financial calculations, we may advise you not to proceed as the best course of action.

If we have agreed that the sale should proceed, we will have a discussion of the optimal asking price, as well as the target price in relation to market conditions.

We will also discuss our assessment of the property and how a buyer may react to flaws in the unit.

Pricing your property correctly is the crucial to getting a successful sale, so we will need to discuss what is achievable and agree on the starting price.

We will touch on how we intend to market your property, whether staging up your place with furnishing is possible or necessary, or whether a video tour is ideal in order to expose your unit to as many potential buyers as possible.

We will also discuss the terms of engagement and you and your co-owners will be given time to discuss if you feel Property Science is the brand you wish to engage to represent you in the sale of your property. We don’t believe in pressure tactics as we treat our clients like family and friends. Hence, it is important to us that our clients are comfortable with us and trust that we will do our best for them. We put our client’s interest first and TRUST is something that we highly believe in.

Work with us if our work philosophy agrees with you.

While we have sold properties in ONE viewing, we can’t promise this to every client. Although the standard marketing agreement period is 3 months, it may take longer. There are several factors that will determine how soon your unit will find its new owner:

Many units under 1.5mil will find new buyers rather quickly. It goes to say that the higher the price, the smaller the potential pool of buyers who can afford it.

If there are many similar units in your project or district for sale, then we will face more competition.

Market conditions
Are we on an uptrend or downtrend? What are the economic conditions like at this time?

Viewing availability
For units that are tenanted or occupied, viewing times may be limited and subject to the availability of the occupant. Sometimes, opportunities are lost when viewing times are not flexible or are difficult to arrange.

Tenanted unit
Some buyers are looking to buy for immediate occupancy, so if there is a lease running, ideally there is a break-lease clause included in the tenancy agreement. Of course, and attractive rental yield will make your unit more attractive to investors or buyers who are willing to wait for the lease to end.

We understand that it is not always possible to present a property in its best state. This will affect how soon its goes off the market.

Nonetheless, we at Property Science will PROMISE our best efforts and endeavors to find a buyer for your property at the best possible price, in the shortest possible time.

3. Ready, Camera, Action!

When you are ready, we are always ready!

Depending on our agreement, we will either set a date to shoot a video or photographs or even 3D virtual tours.

Before the shoot date, we will guide you on how to make your property more attractive to potential buyers and how to present it at its best. The same goes for viewing appointments!

4. What are Benjamin and Glynis Like?

Rest assured that working with us will never be a stressful experience. While we are driven to strive for the best, we are also friendly and easy to talk to. Our clients often become our friends in the process.

So set your mind at ease and feel free to approach us whenever you are ready.

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We’re here to help you on your real estate journey.

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